Friday, 23 September 2016

How To Add Checkpoints In Your Roblox Game

If you want a game with level progression you need to know how to create checkpoints in your Roblox games. Following this tutorial you will be able to build hard and challenging obeys in minutes.

Open Roblox Studio and select whatever project you want to add spawn points onto. You can use the checkpoint system to any game, be it shooter or survival and anything in-between. Right click on your work-space and select Insert Object. Then select Spawn Location. A little square with a sun pattern will appear in your game. A spawn location tells the game where to make your player reappear after he or she dies. In the Properties window scroll down until you find the section labelled Teams. Next you want to click on Allow Team Change on Touch then select a Team Color. Make sure you deselect Neutral so people don't spawn there randomly.

Video Tutorial on How to Make A Checkpoint

The spawn location can be resized and changed like any other brick. Remove the decal and make the whole thing invisible to have a seamless behind the scenes checkpoint system. Or you can make it big and exciting to encourage players to reach to the next level.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Roblox Mobile Hack for Free Easy Robux

Since a long time ago, roblox has been ported to other platforms. Today you can play roblox straight from your mobile. If that was not enough, now you can also have the new roblox mobile hack on your phone as well. This hack will teach you how to get free robux in roblox through your phone. The process is simple and there is no download required. This means that whatever phone you might by playing roblox, ios or android, you can still take advantage of this new roblox mobile hack.

Go to to get the latest version of the roblox mobile hack.

Roblox Cheats and Hacks

Since it has been produced roblox has been one of the hardest online games to make a cheat for. Today for the first time we are able to finally hack into roblox without being detected. The other hacks for roblox were being patched really quickly because it was hard to get pass by the roblox systems. Happily, we have managed to found the reason behind our roblox mobile hack being detected so fast. This new roblox tool hack has the ability to go undetected in the process of delivering the free robux to your account. Tens of thousand of free robux can be gained every day by using this roblox mobile hack. Having access to so many robux you will never have to pay again any money to satisfy your needs and desires on roblox.

The new roblox free robux giver is not just safer it is also easier to work with. No more outdated and non-working roblox robux generators. The total amount of roblox you can gain ranges from 15.000 to 40.000 free robux every day. This roblox online hack is developed to completely remove any risk of detection not only during the delivering process but also after it. The main reason of failure of other similar roblox cheats was the incapacity to operate under the radar. We are happy to be the first ones to be able to develop the safest roblox online hack. What you need to receive the free robux is just your username. The program deals with all the hard and tricky stuff. One click of a button and you are good to go. Before that you need to enter the correct roblox username and select the amount of robux.

Roblox Mobile Hack - 100% Safe

To make the roblox robux online generator 100% safe we needed to implement a daily limit of free robux  for one account. You can generate as much as 40.000 free robux each day! However, due to shortness of resources the limit may automatically drop down until things go back to normal. This happens when there are too many roblox users using the hack at the same time. The question of how to get free robux in roblox has its answer on the official roblox robux generator website: free robux hack. Simple and safe, this is by far the best roblox hack created.

Without this limit it was not possible for a good reliable roblox robux tool. We are happy to be first hackers to develop the safest hack for roblox ever developed. There are also other implementation which makes this hack perfect. You can also activate the proxy server. This will hide your IP during the robux delivering process, making your PC impossible to be traced or detected. This offers to the roblox users a peace of mind and confidence to use the roblox robux glitch without hesitation.

Roblox Mobile Hack Video

It is not obvious from the first glance, but there  are also limits upon the amount or robux you can generate at once. Even though the daily limit is of 40,200 free robux, this will be generated in multiple instances. The amounts you can choose are the amounts of robux from the official store. By having the same amounts that are available to purchase with real money, the roblox robux generator simulates the process of acquiring robux with real money. This limits are as well very important as they greatly help the roblox hack to go undetected in delivering free roblox robux. The tool was released to the public only after we were sure of its efficiency and reliability. Intensive tests had to be made in order to be certain of its quality.

There is a new location for this roblox robux hack. The new website where you can learn how to get free robux in roblox is here. As soon as you access this website you will have to click the generator button that will take you straight to the online version of the roblox robux hack.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

How to Make Your First Game in Roblox Studio

 First you need to open your Roblox Studio. When the program loads you'll see game templates listed in the main window. You can choose templates based on aesthetics, themes or gameplay. Some of these templates are ready to play right out the gate, but you can also customize them any way you like. Let's check out one of the templates that's already fully built - Infinite Runner. You can publish this game immediately and start playing but it gets a lot more fun if you customize it. The template games are designed to be easily modified without having to script anything.

 For example you can change this basic theme into a Sci-Fi game. In the "Toolbox" you have "Skybox". This option allows you to change how the sky looks. You can also customize the colors and materials of all the parts with just a few simple clicks. You can change stones to metal and add some glowing effects to it. To to this go up to the model tab and select the material and the color you want. Once you get familiar with the options it may take as low as an hour to make something completely different and unique from what you started in the first place. As you learn new skills you can continue to edit the game by adding new obstacles, making custom graphics and even changing the animations. When you are ready to show off you game just click "File" and "Publish to Roblox".

The great thing about these themed games is that you can tinker with them and pull them apart to learn more about the different aspects of Roblox Studio. Try changing properties or looking at the scripts and get started learning about what Roblox Studio can do.

How to Make Your First Game Video Guide

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Roblox Noclip Tool Guide + Free Robux Guide

How To Get The Noclip Tool

The noclip tool in roblox is used to give you extra advantage in completing your quests. It actually helps you shorten your path by going through walls and objects. Once you acquire it all you need to be facing the wall you want to go through and hit the mouse button. To use it all you need is to click the mouse button when you are in front of the wall or object you want to pass through. This tool is actually created by other roblox members and not by the roblox corporation.

To get the noclip tool, login to your account and click on catalog. Next go to "Public Domain". From here go to "Browse" click on "Models" and lastly on "Category". A search box will appear. Type noclip and hit enter. Click on the one you want to see the details. When you decided upon the one you want click on "Take One" tab located in the right corner of the page. Wait for the confirmation message before doing something else.

How To Get Lots of Tix (Outdated)

What makes roblox such a popular game is maybe the fact that every player has access to developer tools that help them become creators of the game rather than simple players. In-game items and valuables can be purchased with either tickets or robux. You may hear before of tricky ways to get them for free, but usually these are fake and deceptive programs. There are safe and easy ways to receive lots of tickets or free robux.

Every 24 hours time span login session will get you ten free tickets. Another easy and fun way to get free tickets is by taking part in contests. You can also receive other items as well along with tickets. To take things even further you will want to create your own place for other players to join. However to be able to do this it takes time and experience to build a good place that others will really enjoy playing. Your game can become popular and 1 ticket per each visit of your place will bring you lots of free tickets.

However, to take the most advantage of your gains you have to join the roblox builders club. A member will receive extra free robux and tickets compared to the non-member. As a member you will receive as much as 15 free robux each day without even logging in to your account. If you need tickets you can also exchange these robux for tickets.

If creating your own roblox game sounds too hard, you can create avatar clothes and accessories. Once you have created a cool t-shirt, pair of pants or whatever item go to the listing and click on "Configure this Item". A new page will show up. At the very end of the page click "Sell This Item". You need to set up the price you want. Click on "Tickets" to do so and don't forget to hit the "Update" link.

Selling Robux for Tickets

First you need to remember that there are multiple sellers, some with good exchange rate and some with bad rate. Just as you want to get tickets, other players want robux. To do the trade click on "My Roblox". Next go to "Money" and click on "Trade Currency". On the left side should be the list of potential tickets sellers. Set up your market to met your needs. And click on the exchanger you want to trade with.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

7 Tips to Level Up in Phantom Forces

In order to level up faster you must prioritize getting objective captures and getting kills. Before you even start getting kills to level up you must play in the correct maps. These include Ravod 911, Highway Lot, Mall Construction, Desert Storm and Metro. These maps are very easy to find enemies which helps you rank. You may wonder why maps like Desert Storm and Highway Lot should be played even though they're huge maps. That's where tip number two comes in which is only playing for domination for King of The Hill. These games reduce the amount of campers and increase the amount of easy kills since enemies tend to be out in the open. As the tip number three you should always use a gun you are comfortable with. If you are using a gun you are not good with you'll find yourself dying too often and this slows down the rate of experience growth. However, don't be afraid to try out new guns that are overpowered. Find that one gun that you love and you'll start leveling up faster than you know it.

For tip four for you should always play with your friends. Your friends cannot only capture the flags which the enemy will have to take over again which makes more kills for you, but they also make the kills go faster. You also get this positive attitude from playing with people who will actually cooperate. Random players always seem to never go for objective. They are not necessarily needed but they really make it easier to level up. Not that you know all the components to level up I should teach you what you should be doing as an individual player. For tip number five you should start working on your game sense which may take a lot of time. This includes learning where the enemies like to position on certain maps or knowing how to capture objectives and to protect them from the right positions.

For tip number six always try to get behind enemy lines for more kills. The last thing the enemy will think of is getting immediately killed after spawning.  Enemies also think to never think about being flanked from behind which can to easy double or even triple the number of kills. Being behind enemy lines creates cheap but easy opportunities for record kills and more experience points. Finally we have tip number seven - also have a positive and motivated mind. For example if you're constantly getting killed you should always switch servers or take a break to avoid stress take over you. When things don't work it's a sign that you need to change something. And you can see that necessary change only by stopping from what you are doing. It's like driving a care with a flat tire. You can't really see the flat until you get out of the car and stop driving. You can follow ALL the other tips, but if you don't follow this one it will surely take longer to level up.

Short steps to level up:

  1. Only play a map specified earlier in this tutorial. If you don't it's gonna be way harder to get new levels. 
  2. Play King of The Hill or domination types to get more kills.
  3. Use or discover the gun you are amazing with.
  4. Play with friends who will help you to perform better.
  5. Flanking on enemy lines to get cheap effective kills.
  6. Develop game sense so you'll always have an advantage over your enemies.
  7. Keep a positive attitude so your performance will slowly increase.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Introduction to Roblox Guides & Tutorials

hello roblox tutorials and guides

Hello everybody and welcome to the portal for a better understanding of roblox. Roblox is a very old game and pretty much everybody knows about it. Nonetheless, there are definitely users which are looking for simple yet effective roblox tutorials. On you will find exactly the tutorials you need. No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced player, there will definitely be something worthwhile even for you.

Who We Are

We are a team of kids, big and small that just started in the internet blogging. We also started to play roblox for the first time. Being motivated by writing stuff on this blog we will also be motivated to play roblox more and moreover learn more about blogging. We are excited about the worlf of internet and things that can be done while browsing and interacting with people. Although internet is not a new thing, there are places and websites that are far more interesting and engaging compared to the daily websites everybody visits.

Roblox and blogging is the best combination in learning new things while having fun. Roblox is one of the most popular games ever created and it is also the most creative. Having fun while extending our creativity is what roblox is made for. Actually our parents are the ones who convinced us to approach this technique of writing about what I'm having fun with. Time to go now, I have to wrap it up. See you on the first post where we will try our best to make you want more and more from our tutorials and guides.