Friday, 23 September 2016

How To Add Checkpoints In Your Roblox Game

If you want a game with level progression you need to know how to create checkpoints in your Roblox games. Following this tutorial you will be able to build hard and challenging obeys in minutes.

Open Roblox Studio and select whatever project you want to add spawn points onto. You can use the checkpoint system to any game, be it shooter or survival and anything in-between. Right click on your work-space and select Insert Object. Then select Spawn Location. A little square with a sun pattern will appear in your game. A spawn location tells the game where to make your player reappear after he or she dies. In the Properties window scroll down until you find the section labelled Teams. Next you want to click on Allow Team Change on Touch then select a Team Color. Make sure you deselect Neutral so people don't spawn there randomly.

Video Tutorial on How to Make A Checkpoint

The spawn location can be resized and changed like any other brick. Remove the decal and make the whole thing invisible to have a seamless behind the scenes checkpoint system. Or you can make it big and exciting to encourage players to reach to the next level.

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