Saturday, 27 August 2016

7 Tips to Level Up in Phantom Forces

In order to level up faster you must prioritize getting objective captures and getting kills. Before you even start getting kills to level up you must play in the correct maps. These include Ravod 911, Highway Lot, Mall Construction, Desert Storm and Metro. These maps are very easy to find enemies which helps you rank. You may wonder why maps like Desert Storm and Highway Lot should be played even though they're huge maps. That's where tip number two comes in which is only playing for domination for King of The Hill. These games reduce the amount of campers and increase the amount of easy kills since enemies tend to be out in the open. As the tip number three you should always use a gun you are comfortable with. If you are using a gun you are not good with you'll find yourself dying too often and this slows down the rate of experience growth. However, don't be afraid to try out new guns that are overpowered. Find that one gun that you love and you'll start leveling up faster than you know it.

For tip four for you should always play with your friends. Your friends cannot only capture the flags which the enemy will have to take over again which makes more kills for you, but they also make the kills go faster. You also get this positive attitude from playing with people who will actually cooperate. Random players always seem to never go for objective. They are not necessarily needed but they really make it easier to level up. Not that you know all the components to level up I should teach you what you should be doing as an individual player. For tip number five you should start working on your game sense which may take a lot of time. This includes learning where the enemies like to position on certain maps or knowing how to capture objectives and to protect them from the right positions.

For tip number six always try to get behind enemy lines for more kills. The last thing the enemy will think of is getting immediately killed after spawning.  Enemies also think to never think about being flanked from behind which can to easy double or even triple the number of kills. Being behind enemy lines creates cheap but easy opportunities for record kills and more experience points. Finally we have tip number seven - also have a positive and motivated mind. For example if you're constantly getting killed you should always switch servers or take a break to avoid stress take over you. When things don't work it's a sign that you need to change something. And you can see that necessary change only by stopping from what you are doing. It's like driving a care with a flat tire. You can't really see the flat until you get out of the car and stop driving. You can follow ALL the other tips, but if you don't follow this one it will surely take longer to level up.

Short steps to level up:

  1. Only play a map specified earlier in this tutorial. If you don't it's gonna be way harder to get new levels. 
  2. Play King of The Hill or domination types to get more kills.
  3. Use or discover the gun you are amazing with.
  4. Play with friends who will help you to perform better.
  5. Flanking on enemy lines to get cheap effective kills.
  6. Develop game sense so you'll always have an advantage over your enemies.
  7. Keep a positive attitude so your performance will slowly increase.

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